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The report on sales statistics 2012 is available for publication now.

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An interesting list with questions and answers about contact lenses for non contact lens fitting and selling professionals, so that they can correctly inform and advise about Contact Lenses.

      Information for consumers Information for practitioners
      Informatie voor consumenten Informatie voor contactlensspecialisten
      Informationen für KonsumentenInformationen für Kontaktlinsenanpasser
      Informazioni per i consumatoriInformazioni per i professionisti
      Information pour les consommateursInformation pour les professionnels
      Información para el consumidorInformación para el profesional



Mission statement:

EUROMCONTACT is the European contact lens and lens care industry’s unified voice to authorities and to eye care professionals for the benefit of healthy contact lens wear.



Contact lenses will be increasingly recommended as a valued choice by eye care professionals and wearers.